Ultra WideBand Measurement

Near Field Antenna Measurement System on Plane Surface

Near Field Antenna Measurement System – it is mostly compact arrangement for measurements of antenna’s characteristics. Final goal of such measurements – to obtain practical antenna’s parameters for far field. So every system obligatory contains special algorithms for recalculation of measurement results to antenna’s characteristics in far field. Near Field Antenna Measurement System’s principle of operation is based on Pulse measurement technique (Time-Domain measurements). Field around antenna is measured using special probe antennas.

Depending on antenna’s geometry and directivity recalculations to far field characteristics become more reliable if probe antenna in measurement system moves along surface that crosses antenna’s radiated field. For antennas with large directivity such surface is the simplest – just a plane. Distance between AUT and probe antenna is about 0,5–1,5 m. Measurement signal is registered with Digital Sampling Converter. Its characteristics are optimized according to System’s parameters. The Ultrashort-Pulse Electrical Generator serves as measurement signal source. Probe antenna is moving along plane surface with precision XY scanner (step less than 0,1 mm).
The Systems are built for frequency ranges 6 GHz, 12 GHz, 18 GHz, 26 GHz and 40 GHz.

Except of main instruments the System can include:
– additional equipment such as antennas, bandpass and rejection filters, MW amplifiers, phase stable cables;
– additional Software for calculation of antenna’s parameters, interpretation of measurements results and their graphical representation.

Near Field Antenna Measurement System
on Plane Surface
Complete set :
Set of Antennas: Transmitting, Calibrated, Reference (see Comparison Table of UWB Antennas), 2-Channel Sampling Scope (see Comparison Table of Digital Sampling Converters),
Ultrashort Pulse Generator (see Comparison Table of Short-Form Generator Heads),
Pulse Generator Mainframes (see Comparison Table of Pulse Generator Mainframes),

Scanner, Software
Optional: Tripod